Focus on learning in 2017

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Putting together your strategy for 2017? Here are three reasons why learning and training of your employees should be included in your 2017 strategy.

In a fast paced, dynamic and global world of uncertainty and constant change, your employees need the ability to learn and develop new skills more than ever. This is the only way they can help you ensure, that your company reaps all the benefits of modern technology - in stead of falling behind.

Three reasons to focus on learning in 2017

1. Learn or die!
In his book 'Learn or die' Edward D. Hess draws on some of the latest research about how our brain works and how we learn via education. And he combines these fields with new research centered around high performance in the business world. This unique combination results in some interesting new insigths about modern organizations. The mail conslution is that a strong ability to learn within a given organization is a prerequisite for continuous improvements, optimizations and the capacity to meet the market with new innovative solutions while minimizing the risk of costly mistakes and compliance breaches. Learningbank recommends this writer, and you can find interiews, book reviews and articles from Edward D. Hess here.

2. Getting the whole organization to work towards the same goal
New technologies, consumer patterns and business models are born, while well established companies are disrupted and shred to pieces. Companies now depend more than ever on their employees being able to navigate complexity and make the best choises on a daily basis. Sure, management must always take the first steps and set a direction. But management cannot do it alone. Let's not forget, that employees are in the front line. And they need the best preaparation in order to get the best results. Together with our customers such as Danske Bank we have created innovative and effective solutions for how to get the whole organization to work towards the same goal - especially when new beavior must be learned.

3. Stong results and effective learning go hand in hand
Hiring talented people with high skills is not enough these days. You need to find people with the desire and the courage to keep learning. If employees stagnate, then so does the company. In Learningbank we have observed that employees, who continuously develop their skills, thrive better and get better results.

We are facing an exciting year. Lots of new insights are waiting to be discovered and new skills are to be learned. We at Learningbank are looking forward to it all - together with our customers, partners and followers.

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